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Mary Theresa, deeply convinced that she was only an unworthy instrument in the hands of God,

let herself be guided by the Holy Spirit and founded the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver for the purpose of sustaining and helping missionaries to take the knowledge and love of God to those who still do not know Him.

Constution Chapter 1, art.: 2
Sunrise on Nature

We rise at around 5:30 and offer ourselves anew to God and His service.

We spend 30 mins in meditation, usually on Sacred Scripture.


Meditation is followed by Morning Prayer of the Church.


The daily celebration of the Eucharist is the centre of our lives.

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Then follows work, either within and at the service of the community or in our apostolate.


We are attentive to our on-going formation through study and at least 30 minutes of daily Spiritual Reading As well as other opportunities for courses and growth in the following of Christ..


In our daily Rosary (said in private), we remember especially the work of Evangelisation, all missionaries and the needs of the Church throughout the world. 


Each afternoon we spend 30 minutes in personal adoration time. We have Holy Hours together at various points throughout the month and especially on First Fridays.

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On Friday evenings we pray together the Stations of the Cross as a reminder that we are called to "stay with Mary at the foot of the Cross"


Every day at midday we spent at least 15 minutes in the Ignition Examen of Conscience. It aims to help us become ever more attunes to the action of God in our lives. 


As well as eating our meals together throughout the day, we seek to spend time together as a community in moments of recreation. To help us draw closer to one another and grow in fraternal love.

Image by Paolo Nicolello

Night prayer at 9pm ends our day and the time of the Great Silence begins until after breakfast the following morning.

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