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The Sisters of St Peter Claver rely on your generosity in order to carry out their missionary work across the world. Please make a donation using the online giving form below and help us financially continue our work.


The Gift of Water

Dear Benefactors,

The diocese of Nampula in Mozambique is facing great problems because of the lack of water and malnourishment of the children.

These two problems are the greatest cause of suffering for the communities especially in the rural areas. We want to drill a well on the road that leads to the primary and secondary schools in Nampaco so that the women and children can have access to clean and safe water.

The Church longs to share the Mercy of God by showing his love to those most in need. That’s why we seek your help meet this most basic of needs.

I thank you so much for your understanding and anything that you can contribute to help the families of Nampaco.

With the promise of our prayers, we wish you every blessing in the Lord.

+ Mons.Makhweliha Tomé

Bishop of Nampula. Mozambique.


The Gift of Shelter

Geographically my diocese is made up of hills, mountains and forests. Agriculture is the principal occupation of the locals even though there is very little cultivable land. The weather also doesn’t help the sowing of seeds. Drought, storms and flooding hit throughout the diocese. The majority of people can’t make ends meet.


That is why we want to build homes for families that are the poorest of the poor.

I am asking you to help us with two homes in particular.


Thai e Hoa. The husband is in prison for hitting a doctor who refused to help his son because he couldn’t pay the medical bills. His wife has been left alone with 4 children. They live together in one room with only a small piece of garden where they can grow food. It is impossible for her to earn an income from it and she will never be able in a position to be able to build a house for her family.


The other house would be for Chau. Chau is a widow who has 4 children, a daughter in law and granddaughter. Her husband and son died from cancer. She too has cancer and goes to the hospital twice a week for treatment. Her other son is addicted to drugs. And her daughter handicapped. For three generations this family has lived in the same miserable shack.


I know the deplorable conditions that these families live in. I would love to be the bridge between them and you. I am asking you to please help them to live in a dignified place. May the peace and love of God be with you.


Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, O.P. Diocese of Vin, Vietnam.


The Gift of Faith

Dear Benefactors,

I was ordained a priest in 2015 for the diocese of St. John Crysostym, Guragaon, Syro Malankara. It is the biggest diocese in Indian in terms of mission and vastness. It covers 23 States and 22 parishes which are made up for the most part of people from the State of Kerala who have been resident in the area for a long time. I have been entrusted with teaching catechism but we have no books in the language of the people. We have hundreds of people signed up for the catechism course and we urgently need to translate and print catechisms and prayer books for them. We can’t afford to do this on our own. With your help we can reach people with the message of Christ.

May the Lord bless you in your charity.


Fr. Jintyo John, Gurgaon Diocese, India.



The Gift of the Sacraments

Dear friends, we have begun to build the Church at the parish of the Holy Cross in Umkiang, Jowai diocese, North East India. Our country has been hit hard by inflation. This means we haven’t been able to finish. We have laid the floor, painted the walls and installed the Altar. We haven’t though managed to buy the pews or wire the electricity. That is why I am turning to you, imploring your help to give our people a worthy and dignified place where we can celebrate the Sacraments. Without your help it will remain unfinished as we have put all we can into it.


We are praying for God’s Blessing on each and every one of yo.


Fr. K. O. Joseph, Jowai, India.


Pray with Us and Send Us your Prayer Intentions.

Support our Sisters

Help the Sisters of St. Peter Claver to continue their work throughout the world, to form new members and sustain our communities.

We thank you sincerely for your prayers and support and remember you all in our daily prayers.

Sisters of St. Peter Claver

Support Our Sisters

I would like to humbly request your support for the migrant and low-income families in Monte Sinai, Guayaquil.


The migratory reality of our brothers and sisters, especially the Venezuelans, is alarming. The subhuman conditions in which many children, young people, women, and entire families live and travel are painful and emotionally heartbreaking. Assistance in healthy nutrition and prevention of inter-family violence is a necessary healing relief in these times. Families are crying out and are grateful for such help.


The Society of the Divine Word has been working in Guayaquil for more than 50 years in the most vulnerable sectors. It is difficult to see the conditions in which many families live, which is why the Arnold Project was established to respond to the needs of the poorest, especially in the densely populated area of Monte Sinaf.


We ask you, dear Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver, to support the project to the value of eighteen thousand ($18,000).


In advance, I reiterate our immense gratitude all the team and benefactors for supporting the works favouring the last and most needy in the present times.

Fr. John Cudjoe, SVD Superior Provincial ECU

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