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Ask a Missionary #4

Mission in the heart of the Cameroonian Jungle

Sister when you work among the pygmies do you tell them about God and teach them to pray? - With the help of Catechists, I teach them catechism and prepare them for the Sacraments.

The children attend catechism which is the easiest way to tell them about God, teach them the faith and prayers. We are happy to look together at the great things that God's grace is doing in our lives. They are a prayerful people and we have translated Scripture, the Catechism and prayers for them, so they can understand and praise God. They express their prayer with singing and dancing. I like to pray with them!

*African pygmies live in several ethnic groups in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo (ROC), the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, and Zambia.

Most pygmy communities are partially hunter-gatherers, living partially but not exclusively on the wild products of their environment. They trade with neighbouring farmers to acquire cultivated foods and other material items.

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