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Silver Jubilee of Sr Losaline Fakatou

On June 8th, our Community in Chesterfield, St Louis, Missouri, was filled with immense joy as we celebrated the Silver Jubilee of our beloved sister, Sr. Losaline Fakatou's religious consecration. We are deeply grateful for her dedicated service and the positive impact she has had on our community.

Sisters' family travelled from Tonga and worldwide to join in this joyous occasion. Sr Losaline started her journey with our community in Island Bay, Wellington in New Zealand, then to our community in Trent, Italy, for her novitiate. She made her first religious profession there. For many years, sister served in our communities in Germany, and there, in 2008, she made her final religious profession. Sister has been serving our community in Chesterfield for the past two years.

Wish you, Sr Losaline, a journey of holiness with our Lord, carrying after Him all the joys and sorrows you encounter on the way.

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