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"Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto Me."

The year 2020 has passed, Covid-19 lingers on. We the Sisters of St. Peter Claver decided to give the year 2020 a happy ending for some of our needy neighbours. Sr Jacinta took the initiative to distribute food parcels to the poor who are registered with us as a sign of our care for them at Christmas, the Season of Peace and Goodwill.

December 24th, as we all know is a special time for sharing our love, joy and peace with everyone we meet, but particularly with the poor and needy. From early morning Sr. Jacinta, with the help of Sr. Primila and Sr. Blessing, prepared rice and chicken and packed nearly 100 lunch boxes.

From 10.30 am, we waited for people to arrive as usual, but because of the lockdown, it was difficult for them to go out, only 13 arrived… We waited until midday but still with little response. Sr. Jacinta suggested going out in search of the poor people who live on the streets. Sr. Perpetua and I, collected the food packets and went out to meet them…

From via Vittoria Emanuele we proceeded towards Termini Central Station. Soon all the food packs were distributed… We returned to refill our bags and went towards the Basilica of St. Mary Major. The people were so happy and contented, we could see the joy on their faces. Some of them began to eat immediately… they were so hungry! They thanked us with sincere hearts. Seeing their joy, we too felt inner joy at being part of this act of kindness. I remember an elderly man. Seeing me from afar, he just stretched out his hands and waited for me. As soon as I gave him the food, he started to eat. Thanking me, he told me that he had been hungry for two days...

According to our Claverian tradition, we fast on Christmas Eve. But this year was different. The pleasing aroma of delicious food was tempting and whetting our appetites, but we freely decided to deny ourselves to bring some joy to those who were more needy. This little act of kindness doubled our joy at Christmas. We felt that Jesus was reminding us … Whatsoever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me…

Sr Seema Panna

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