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Sr Theresiamma's Vocation

"God has done great things for me" (Luke 1:49) 


When I was little, I went to church every day with my mother, sister, and neighbors to attend Mass.

I remember that during the sermon, the priests always quoted the lives of some saints or missionaries and, especially, told the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. At that time, the sisters of this congregation were present in our parish, and I remember that, besides praying and singing, they took care of us children by sitting us in front of the altar. My desire to know that world grew in my heart, and the more I saw the sisters' work, the closer I felt to them in prayer. I was also more and more interested in the missions, the words of which were often repeated by the priests during the various homilies. 


The sisters, with their activities, the priests with their stories contributed to me becoming a missionary sister. This intention was always present in my heart and has remained there faithfully even with the passing years. 

When I started going to school, I never stopped going to Mass, and once I finished school, I began to think seriously about which path to take. My sister was already married, but my brother had just entered the seminary. At that time, I prayed a lot to God to show me how to choose and, thanking the Lord, and He listened to me. In the beginning, I did not tell anyone what I had chosen because I wanted to wait for my brother to come home for the holidays. When he arrived, I told him what my intention was, I was thrilled, but he cautiously asked me many questions to understand if I am convinced of my decision. Even my mother and brothers were not happy; the only person who accepted my choice was my father, who only told me to be sure before starting the course. Despite these minor difficulties that I had to face, I understood that the Lord was calling me, and no one could discourage me from embarking on this path, so I remained firm and strong in my decision. Later on, my brother pointed me to a convent in Bangalore, which he knew through a Father of his institute. 


At that time, Sister Margaret was the Superior, and she joyfully accepted me into the congregation. 

In 1991, the Lord asked me to leave everything and follow him. With a heart full of love, I listened to Him and followed Him, and for 25 years, I have belonged to the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver.

Here, I have found joy in serving God and the poorest of the world, and for this, I always thank the Lord. 

I also thank my parents for having passed on their faith to me since I was a child, reminding me constantly to give first place to the Lord. 

Furthermore, my heartfelt gratitude goes to the Mother General of our Congregation and all the sisters who have helped me and given me affection in these 25 years. During these years, God's presence and tenderness have accompanied me constantly, both in the beautiful and joyful moments and in the more difficult ones. 

"You count for much in my eyes, you have a price, and I love you" (Isaiah 43:4). 


Lord, you are my faithful companion, "You know everything; you know that I love you."

"Every day of my life, Lord, You are with me; I will miss nothing. 

You take me by the hand to direct my steps. 

"You are here, Lord, every day of my life, Lord, You are always with me."

 Twenty-five years, new momentum!

Twenty-five years, a new beginning with passion and enthusiasm!

Twenty-five years, with You, Always with You, Jesus Christ my Lord.

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