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Ask a Missionary - Peru

What is it like to work in Peru?

Our work is carried out on two planes. The first is the Spiritual Dimension, expressed in the proclamation of the Gospel and showing people the presence of God.

This means we need to enter into a process of inculturation and respect for the diversity of the tribes, their culture and the traditions.

In particular, through education and the Works of Mercy, we try to be signs of Jesus, who preach the message of Salvation and care for them. My parishioners live in the Jungle. The Asháninka or Asháninca are an indigenous people living in the rainforests of Peru and in the State of Acre, Brazil. Their ancestral lands are in the forests of Junín, Pasco, Huánuco and part of Ucayali in Peru.They live in harmony with nature, modestly but with dignity. They often don’t know the value of money but they know what it means to be a neighbour, to be dedicated to their families and tribe.They have their own ‘commandments’ and they live the gospel of ‘Today’ – they don’t plan, they don’t gather food, they live day by day.

Fr. Thomas Cieniuchem

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