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Give a Gift of Hope this Christmas


They people have been left without homes, food, water and clothing.

Often when Natural Disaster strikes it is the poorest of the poor that suffers most.

Cyclone Gaja was no different.

This Christmas we would like to ask you to help us support the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Tamil Nadu India in their work with the poorest of the poor.

On the 16th of November 2018, a cyclone hit some parts of Tamil Nadu, leaving 10,000 people seeking emergency shelter in temporary camps.

They are going hungry and have been left with nothing. Faced with the plight of the people the brothers themselves have been moved to tears.

So far 55 people have lost their lives and 1131 have been injured. It has left a trail of destruction in its path.

Their already simple shelters are completely destroyed.

Thousands of acres of crops and millions of trees have been uprooted and livestock killed.

Government attention is focused on restoring electricity and road access and phone lines.

But the people need immediate help to build shelters, to provide them with food and clothing.

Our Sister Maria Lourdes who is based in Tamil Nadu writes: "Tamil Nadu was hit by severe cyclone. Thanjavur where we are was hit badly. We have had no electricity for 5 days. The convent wall and trees have fallen but in the villages the people have been left without shelter, food or drinking water. The farmers crops were destroyed, cattle and other domestic animals dead. It really is a terrible and miserable situation and more rains and strong winds are forecast."

Please can you help us meet these most basic needs, especially as we approach the Holy Season of Christmas?

£10 will buy a sack of rice to feed a family in this time of crisis

£15 will help to buy clothes and other toiletries and essentials

Any donation big or small will be gratefully received.

With assurances of our prayers and those of the people affected.

Sisters of St. Peter Claver

The following pictures where sent to us by Brother Backianathan of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Tamil Nadu. They show just some of the destruction left behind and the plight of the people.

Christmas Appeal 2018

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