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We Proclaim Christ Crucified

32 Missionaries from Argentina, Brazil, Congo, the Philippines, India, Romania, Poland and Italy, from 16 different Religious Congregations participated in the parish mission in Alcamo, Sicilia from 23rd - 31st March 2019.

The Mission which had the theme "We Proclaim to you Christ Crucified", brought the missionaries into contact with the people of Alcamo, young and old alike.

They visited the sick and elderly in their homes or care homes, the parish and the schools for the "God Morning" with the students.

They are thankful for everyone that they met, the generosity shown to them and the love and joy shared, and continue to hold them in prayer.

Two of our own Sisters where part of this group; Sr. Orsola from Poland and Sr. Joyful Mary from India.

Below are some photos and video summary of their experiences.

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