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Final Profession in Rome, 06/07/2021

Sr Seema and Sr Primila dedicate themselves to God as sisters in our Religious Family, Sisters of St Peter Claver

It was but with great joy that our community in Rome celebrated the Final profession of our two Sisters, Sr Seema, and Sr Primila, consecrated their whole life to the service of the missions for the glory of God as Sisters of St Peter Claver.

The Eucharist celebration was presided by his excellency, Mons. Giacomo Morandi and two other priest. It was a solemn moment for all of us but especially for the two sisters. The two sisters received the ring as a sign of belonging totally and fully to Christ as His prides forever.

Our congratulations to Sr Seema and Sr Primila! May you be faithful in your journey in bringing God's love to all. May your life be sanctified each day by the fraternal support of your sisters. May your happiness be contagious and infectious.

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